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Fatal SecretsI love my SEAL heroes, inspired partly by my friend, highly decorated SEAL and now best selling author Jack Carr. My series, HEROES RISING, in Elle James Brotherhood Protectors, is written in honor of him. And today the latest in the series can be on your ereader in just seconds.

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Ten years later and the murder of Zoe’s friend has still not been caught. But now the reporter, with a contract to write a true crime book about it, is turning over every rock she can. But someone wants to frighten her off, adding to her stress level. On a rainy night, after some long days of research and interviews, a cold drink in a roadside bar eases the pressure, along with the very sexy, war-weary ex-SEAL whose bed she falls into. Zoe’s not given to one-night stands but for the moment this guy is just what she needs.

Bitter at being medically discharged, still haunted by nightmares of the last mission, Sean Patterson has finally accepted his cousin Hank’s invite to check out Montana. He’s got his choice of Brotherhood Protectors or joining the staff of the new sheriff, either of which could be the turning point in his life that he needs. Either way, when he agrees to act as bodyguard for to Sadie Patterson’s friend, Zoe Young, he is tunned when he’s face to face with the woman with whom he shared the best night of sex ever.

Together twenty-four seven, the emotional connection between them explodes along with the increased danger. When they finally uncover the answers, they are shocked to learn who the killers are. But will Zoe survive a last attempt on her life so she and Sean can explore a future together?