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Protecting KateProtecting Kate by Desiree Holt is part of Susan Stoker’s Special Forces: Operation Alpha world and the last book in Holt’s Protector’s series. It’s also a follow-up to Holt’s Protecting Susan – where Susan spends a couple of weeks on Kate’s farm and gets out of a bad situation thanks to Texas Keegan, one of Susan Stoker’s characters). Tex also makes a visit in Kate’s book … full of suspense, excitement, danger, humor, action, and romance.” — Denise H, an reviewer

For Kate Bartlett running Haven Farm was the realization of a dream. Helping battered and abused women build a new life was very satisfying. Of course, it left her with no personal life of her own but she put that on the back burner.

Dan Wolff left the SEALs with a nightmare that wouldn’t go away. It kept him from having a personal life and sent him to the small town of Dixville, Florida, where he served now as sheriff of the county. His biggest challenges were the rednecks who thought it was fun to get drunk and beat up their women, a situation that brought him into continuous contact with Kate.

But it all changes when a group of convicts escapes from the nearby prison and takes refuge in Dixville. Can Dan protect the women who make perfect shields? And will he and Kate finally give in to the attraction that sizzles between them?

Protecting Kate is included in the Kindle Unlimited subscription.