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Cowboys for a Cause: A Western Romance Anthology Benefiting Covid19 Relief

If you climb in the saddle, be ready to ride…

Over twenty-five of your favorite bestselling and award-winning authors have rustled up some sizzling, Grade-A, top quality cowboys for you to enjoy in this epic western romance anthology.

From heavy-handed herdsmen to bronco-bustin’ bad boys, and every kind of wild, wanton wrangler in between, the heroes of this steamy collection won’t be denied, and they’re guaranteed to leave you breathless. Save a horse and…well…you know the rest. But don’t delay because Cowboys for a Cause is only available for a limited time. Rope your copy today!

The publisher’s proceeds from Cowboys for a Cause will be donated in their entirety to Direct Relief Coronavirus Response and the Feeding America COVID-19 Response Fund. But please note that Cowboys for a Cause is not affiliated with or endorsed by either charity.

Runaway Cowboy by Abby Aaron
Mountain Blue by Alta Hensley
Deep Waters by Alyssa Bailey
Trusting Her Cowboy by BJ Wane
Badlands by Delta James
Rogue’s Return by Desiree Holt
Badgering Her Cowboy by Golden Angel
Rescuing Her Cowboy by Isabella Laase
Cassandra’s Cowboy by Kallista Dane
Charlie’s Girl by Kate Richards
Meri’s Men by LJ Garland
Rogue Cowboy by Linzi Basset
Halfway Home by Maddie Taylor
River’s Edge by Maggie Ryan
Wait for Me, Cowboy by Mary Wehr
The Cowboy’s Little Girl by Meredith O’Reilly
Knocking the Boots by Peyton Banks
Dangerous Ride by Piper Stone
The Painted Lady by Raisa Greywood
Agent Cowboy by Shanna Handel
Kidnapped by the Cowboy by Sierra Cartwright
Come Sundown by Stevie MacFarlane
The Getaway Ranch by Tessa Carr
Marrying the Murderer by Vanessa Brooks
Stark White by Yolanda Olson
The Cowboy’s Replacement by Sue Lyndon
His Little Cowgirl by Laylah Roberts

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June 8, 2020