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Dani DeLuca is known as Firecracker, as much for her hot rides as a barrel racer as for her long, luxurious red hair. When she takes first place in the Fourth of July Golden Spur Rodeo she decides it’s time to celebrate with some real fireworks. And who better to create those sparks than Chad Bailey, bull breeder, and Brody Hunters, champion bull rider. Dani’s never experienced a ménage but she’s sure if she did Chad and Brody would be the ideal candidates.

Chad and Brody have been rodeo friends with Firecracker for a long time but they’ve never taken it beyond that. For one thing they didn’t want to ruin a great relationship. For another, they were all too aware that she didn’t play on the circuit. But over some time sparks have been simmering between them, sparks that are just waiting to be ignited.

The two men take Dani to a classy hotel for an elegant dinner and night of celebration. But all through dinner the air around them crackles with sexual electricity and when they give in to the desires gripping them all, the Fourth of July fireworks have nothing on the sparks between Dani, Chad and Brody.

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The woman who held their attention, Dani DeLuca, was competing in the finals of barrel racing on the last day of the Golden Spur Rodeo. Cowboy hat anchored firmly on her head, long red curls flying behind her, she leaned gracefully one way or the other as she worked to shave another tenth of a second off her time.

When she finished her run and her time flashed on the big readout, she was two-tenths of a second ahead of all the other competitors. The crowd roared its approval. Dani was a perennial favorite of all the rodeo fans. She acknowledged them now by standing in her stirrups and waving before she trotted back down the entry tunnel.

“Thirteen seconds,” Brody noted. “Damn, that girl is good.”

“She’s been competing a long time, you know. Gets better every single year.” Chad had been watching her for the last five of those years, mouth watering whenever he saw the graceful movements of that lithe body.

“You know,” Brody drawled, “I sure do enjoy it when the three of us have dinner together.”

“Me, too.” Chad laughed. “I’d like to have a lot more than dinner with her, though.”

“She’s definitely a tasty treat.” Brody snorted. “Man, whenever I see that woman, my cock gets so hard I’m afraid it might break off.”

“No shit.” Chad let out a slow breath. “Same here. She’s one fine little package.” One he’d love to unwrap.

“Amen to that.” Brody rubbed his jaw. “Think she’d be interested in some after-dinner activities?”

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Desiree Holt
May 22, 2014

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