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Guarding Harper

Team Wolf, Book 1


Harper Young devoted every minute of her life to caring for her wolves at Yellowstone’s Wolf World. It wasn’t an easy task. Government entities wanted to impose their own rules, often at odds wit each other. The rich ranchers wanted t sate the hunting rules and shoot the wolves any time they had the urge, mostly for trophies. And her meager budget barely covered all her needs. She also had no social life to speak of.

But things got heated when it appeared the ranchers, fed up with her rules, were targeting her. Enter Stone Jacobs and the Colorado Brotherhood Protectors. Stone has a new group of men recently out of the Army looking for the next chapter in their lives and Stone has just the thing. Sending Gabe Walker to Wolf World he gives him his mission: protect Harper at all costs. That might not be so easy, with ranchers shooting at her and rumors of an illegal hunt floating in the air. But the chemistry between them can overcome a lot…if they live through it.

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Twisted Page Press, LLC
October 18, 2022