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Hard to Handle

Rawhide, Book 5

The chemistry between horse wranglers Bailey French and Hondo Labar was hot enough to singe the air even before their unexpected meeting at Rawhide, a private bondage club. Their extreme edge play at the club feeds their sexual needs, but Hondo wants a relationship outside the club and Bailey refuses to acknowledge him as more than a fellow wrangler. When a riding accident puts her in his care, can she finally trust her heart as well as her body to a man who would Master her forever?

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She certainly hadn’t expected the man she connected with so explosively to be Hondo LaBar. Should she tell him why she had other reservations or just be rude and blow him off?

Not literally, of course. She swallowed a grin then realized he was still waiting for her answer.

“What goes on within these walls is no one else’s business,” he reminded her. When she still didn’t say anything, one corner of his mouth tipped up in a half smile. “Maybe it’s Fate that brought us both here tonight for the first time.”

“I’m not sure I know what you’re getting at?” But of course she did.

That smile was the kind that melted panties. “Sure you do, sweetness. That look in your eyes isn’t just for satisfaction after a long dry spell. You want something most men can’t give you. I recognize it.” He leaned forward and picked up her free hand, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles. “I can give it to you, Bailey. However you want it.”

She wet her lips. “You don’t know everything I want, Hondo. And why should I tell you? How do I know I can trust you?”

He leaned closer. “You’ll never find out if you don’t try.”