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Hot Moon Rising

Hot Moon Rising, Box Set

including Wolf Moon, Venus Moon and Blood Moon

WOLF MOON (Book 1):
Shape-shifter Alexa Morgan fled her home in the north when her relationship with a human ended in disaster and the clan alpha shunned her. Now living in Florida, against all her better judgment she finds herself in a hot relationship with Jesse Farrell, the cop next door. Despite her knowledge that the relationship is doomed, she cannot stay away from him. When Jesse, a gang task force member, is hurt one night on the job, Alexa begins to spend her nights tracking him, keeping him in her line of sight, determined to protect him. But she’s terrified of his reaction when he discovers her true nature. Will he accept her or bolt as her other lover did, leaving her destroyed?

VENUS MOON (Book 2):
She dances by the light of the full moon, a goddess with blonde hair who swiftly shifts into a magnificent silver wolf. A year ago, Charlie Aquino and his partner had nothing more on their minds than the gangs they dealt with. Now Jesse is married to a shifter and Charlie is so obsessed with one he drives by her house every night just to get a glimpse of Liane Cosa. He’s met her in human from but never dared approach her in her wolf from, afraid she’ll bolt. But then, one memorable night, he screws up his courage and beneath a full moon offers her his heart. Can she accept it?

BLOOD MOON (Book 3):
Hunger. It drives the wolf. Hunger for food, for domination, for sexual satisfaction, and for revenge when one of their own is harmed. So it is when Hannah Raines is kidnapped by an insane geneticist who wants the female shifter for his bizarre experiments.

Rand Molina has not only been able to satisfy his hunger with Hannah as his new mate but also taught her there is no limit to the carnal pleasures they can enjoy. He is both frightened and enraged by Hannah’s disappearance and hungers for revenge.

Derek Sawyer, alpha of their small pack, has been seeking his mate for a long time. Fate delivers her in the person of Riesa Marlowe, a psychic who can give them clues to Hannah’s location. With Riesa, he feeds his sexual appetite that strengthens his ability to lead his pack on a rescue mission.

Two very hot couples and a dangerous situation. Will the fire burn brighter, or will they all go down in flames?

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From Wolf Moon

The sound of the doorbell startled her. On tiptoe she peered through the peephole. She was stunned to see Jesse on her porch, dripping wet and shifting from one foot to the other.

She yanked the door open. “What’s wrong? It’s pouring rain. Why aren’t you inside?”

“Can I come in, please?”

“Oh, sure. Come on.” Yes, bring your fantastic body into my house.

“Sorry to bother you. I left my key on the counter this morning.” He raked his wet hair back from his forehead. “Stupid, stupid, stupid.”

Jesse always carried his car keys separately.

“In case I’m ever attacked,” he explained, “I don’t want anyone having a key to my house. I can keep an extra one of yours too, if you want.”

Another link to him she should have avoided.

“I’ll get it,” she told him now, “but come into the kitchen. You look like a drowned rat and you must be freezing. At least get that wet shirt off and let me make you some coffee.”

“I’ll drip all over your place,” he protested.

“Tile floors are easy to mop.” She took his hand. “Come on. I’d feel terrible if you got pneumonia and I could have prevented it.”

In the kitchen, she flipped the switch on the coffeemaker while he took off his shirt. Then she handed him a large towel from the stack in the laundry room.

“You look exhausted. Bad night?” Her heart pinched at the weary sight of him.

Jesse scrubbed a hand over his face. “Every night’s bad with the gangs. We’ve got a couple of new ones out there ramping up their so-called initiation requirements. That makes it pretty tense on the streets.”

He was a member of the sheriff’s gang task force, a thankless and dangerous job. On the night streets, he was a shadowy figure in jeans and t-shirt looking to stop trouble before it started. Even in a county as small as Palmetto, gangs were a big problem, many of them migrating south from Tampa.

She’d taken to waiting up for him, reassuring herself that once again he was home safely. If only she could find a way to protect him. Well, there was one if she transformed. But she had no idea how he’d feel about a giant redwolf following him around the county.

She ran a critical eye over him, noting his soaked jeans and pulled out another towel. “You’d better take off the rest of those clothes and let me put everything in the dryer. Coffee should be ready in a minute.”

“I’m all right, Alexa. Honest. I just need to get some sleep.”

How about in my bed?


From Blood Moon

Hannah watched him over the rim of glass as she sipped her wine. His eyes were like silver laser beams boring into hers. Emotion had deepened the lines on his rugged face and she could almost see the tension vibrating from his body. He reached a hand out to gently cup one cheek.

“Don’t be afraid, little wolf. I will guard you and protect you with my life. You will be safe with me.” He studied her expression. “I look forward to making you mine.”

He took the wine goblet from her hand and set it on the nightstand, along with his. Hannah stood rooted to the spot, trembling with anxiety and anticipation. Rand kissed her again, a kiss that began lightly but deepened as it continued. His tongue traced the outline of her mouth then he licked her lips gently. As his mouth pressed harder his tongue pushed against the closed seam of her lips until she opened for him. He swept inside in a predatory thrust, licking every surface he could touch. His fingers tangled in her hair, holding her head in place as he fed from her like the hungry wolf that he was.

Hannah couldn’t breathe. Her clothes felt too tight. Her skin felt too tight. Scorching heat consumed her, making her breasts tingle, her nipples harden almost painfully. Her cunt was wet and swollen. She wanted his cock inside her now!

“Easy, little wolf,” he said as she moaned into his mouth. “We have plenty of time. I want to enjoy every moment before we are finally and completely joined.”

His hands moved slowly from her head to her blouse, unbuttoning each of the tiny buttons with maddening slowness. He moved his lips over every inch if her flesh as he exposed it little by little, licking the upper swell of her breasts and the hollow of her throat where her pulse beat frantically. She clutched his arms to steady herself against the shard of heat blazing through her body.

When the last button was released he pulled the blouse from her slacks and slid his warm hands up and down her back. His lips closed over one hard nipple through the fabric of her bra, the sensation more erotic than if he’d been touching bare flesh. She arched into the caress of his mouth, moaning low in her throat.


Decadent Publishing
February 4, 2016
ISBN-13: 9781613339879
ISBN-10: 1613339879