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Station 58 is plagued with a raft of fires. After the third one the arson investigator cranks into high gear, but while he finds evidence the fires were deliberately set, they don’t have an arsonist’s signature. In fact, they look like an amateur at work, which makes identifying him or her nearly impossible.

Station 58 paramedic Shelly Gregory is dealing with her own fire of a different kind. Still burned by a disastrous relationship, she has sworn off men for good…until sexy cop Patrick Hayes comes into her life. Despite her determination to resist him, she finds herself drawn to him more and more. Soon their relationship is hotter than the fires she is called out to.

As things reach an incendiary point with the two of them, so does the incidence of fires in their area. Will they find the arsonist before he burns down the entire neighborhood? And will Shelly be able to trust enough to give her heart again?

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She had just taken another swallow of her beer when someone gave her a light punch on the arm and she nearly spewed the liquid onto the counter.

“What the hell?”

She turned in her seat, ready to ream someone out, and looked into the smiling face of Keith McCormick, a radio patrol cop from the local precinct. They’d handled a number of situations together.

“I thought I’d introduce you to the latest addition to our fine precinct.”

She looked over his shoulder into the face of the cop she’d worked today’s disaster with and thought, holy crap! He’d looked very professional in his uniform, earlier, with his visored cap shading much of his face as he’d done what was necessary in a disastrous situation. And he never lost his cool.

But looking at him now, with hair black as ebony that showed a slight wave, those navy blue eyes beneath sinful lashes, and a crew neck sweater that showed off his flat abs and broad shoulders, she thought there should be a sin against being so good looking. Especially when he grinned at her, flashing, of all things, a dimple at the left corner of his mouth.

Knock it off, she told herself in a stern voice. This guy might be all kinds of delectable but she didn’t do relationships. She especially didn’t do them with cops or firefighters. With their crazy schedules, one was too hard to maintain and always ended in a mess. At least it had for her. A big mess.

“Say hi to Patrick Hayes,” Keith told her. “He just came on board a couple of weeks ago. Patrick, meet Kristi Gregory.”

Kristi took the hand he offered. His palm was warm and calloused, his fingers strong, but it was the little zing that passed between them that shocked her.

“Nice to meet you officially,” she told him.

“There wasn’t a lot of time for socializing today.” Patrick’s voice was one of those deep bass ones that always made her girl parts quiver. Damn!

“No, there sure wasn’t,” Kristi agreed. “You were incredible.”

And she meant it. He’d directed traffic, soothed people, got the rubbernecking idiots out of the way, guided the tow trucks in, just about everything that was needed, including keeping people the hell out of the way while she and Jared attended to the wounded. He’d seemed to anticipate everything she needed and taken care of it. Even Captain Earl Stewart who ran Station 58 had been singing his praises.

“Same goes.” He nodded at her beer, still half-full. “I’d offer to buy you a beer, but it looks like you’re all taken care of.”

“No problem, but thanks for the offer.”

“Hey, look.” Keith pointed. “I see a table just clearing out. Come on. You can finish your meal with us and then Patrick can buy you that beer.” He reached in and picked up her plate and her drink. “You coming, Kristi?”

So much for enjoying solitude.

“I guess so, if I want to finish eating.” She shrugged and slid off her stool. What else could she do? She didn’t want to be rude, especially to the new guy. She just hoped that little zing didn’t repeat itself. “Of course.”

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October 11, 2016

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