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Party of Three

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This story has been previously released as part of the THREEFOLD anthology

Voted Book of the Week by Whipped Cream readersCarolina “Carrie” Derosa had the hots for her boss, Drew Magellan, from the first day she went to work for him. Little did she know that Drew wanted her just as badly, but the same thing was holding them back—taboo on sex in the workplace.

When Drew’s friend, Linc Conover, drops into the office to see him after hours and they bump into Carrie on her way out, the sparks that fly from all three light up the hallway. It doesn’t take long before they adjourn to Drew’s condo and fall into a whirlpool of eroticism.

But no one expects jealousy to rear its ugly head. Who will come out on top in this ménage—so to speak?

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He wanted her. There was absolutely no question about it. Wanted her the way he’d never wanted another woman before. With such an intensity that at times it threatened to burn him alive.

Drew Magellan could have everything and anything he wanted. Any woman he wanted. But he didn’t want to settle for just any woman, and he’d had plenty to choose from. No, he wanted Carolina Derosa, the gorgeous blonde client manager who was the hottest ticket on his staff and didn’t seem to see him as anything but her boss. Remote. The man who paid her.

And why should she? There were rules about things like that. If he made a move on her while she worked for him, she could sue him for sexual harassment. If he fired her, he’d be getting rid of his most valuable human asset.

He groaned as his cock hardened and pressed against his zipper, threatening to break through the fabric. He needed a hook but damned if he could think of one.

“I’d love to meet the woman who put that look in your eyes.” Linc Conover’s voice was amused as he lounged in one of the big chairs in the office. Just back from two years as a civilian contractor in the Middle East, he’d dropped in to see Drew and catch up on things.

“What makes you think it’s a woman?” Drew asked defensively.

“Hey, how long have I known you? I can tell when it’s a business look or a woman look. We’ve shared enough women so I can tell the signs. So give it up. Who is she?”

“No one you know. Just…someone.” He pushed himself away from his desk. “Let’s go downstairs to Mike’s and get a drink, then we’ll head out and find a good place for a steak.”

“Sounds good to me.” Linc unfolded from his chair. “Maybe we’ll run into this mystery woman of yours.”

“Hardly likely. Let’s go.”