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Running Scared

Guardian Security, Book 4

When computer program designer Zoraya “Zoe” Lombardo wakes up next to her business partner’s dead body with a gun in her hand and no memory of what happened, the first thing she does is run. Next, she calls the one person she trusts to help her—the man she walked away from two years ago. He’s not as bossy as she remembers, but he’s sexier than ever. She made a mistake not listening to his warnings, and she’s more than willing to kiss and make up…if she can just stay alive long enough.

Zak Delaney, partner in Guardian Security, never expected to hear from his ex-fiancée again. After Zoe left, it took him a long time to put himself back together. Now, he must cast aside his hurt and anger in order to protect her. He’ll have to rely on his resources at Guardian to clear her name and use every ounce of his self-control not to fall for her charms again. But as danger closes in, he will have to learn to trust Zoe as much as she trusts him or face losing her again…and this time for good.

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“Someone blew up my house?”

He nodded. “I’d say it’s pretty well destroyed. Whoever set the explosives did a good job. These people are playing very, very rough.” He let out a long slow breath. “Even this house may not be safe enough for you if they get any idea you came to me.”


“It’ll be okay. I’ll make it okay. But before I do anything else, I need to wash off this junk. Then we’ll talk.” He reached out to touch her, then drew his hand back. “Everything’s gone. I am so sorry.”

“Gone?” She took in a steadying breath. This was no time to fall apart any more than she already had. She swallowed and clenched her fists. “It’s nothing that can’t be replaced. Even the laptop, as you pointed out. At least you’re alive. Go take your shower while I make some fresh coffee.” She tried on a weak smile. “I think I still remember where things are.”

“Coffee sounds terrific. I don’t think we’ll be getting sleep any time soon.”

Without warning, his head lowered and his lips lightly brushed against hers. She was totally unprepared for the spike of electricity that jolted her system.

From the look in his eyes, so was Zak. He stared at her, heat in his eyes, then backed away and walked upstairs to the master suite.


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September 22, 2017
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