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I DARE YOU by Desiree Holt
She met him online in a desperate bid to save her faltering sex life. Connected only by computer, unable to see or hear him, Shannon is drawn step-by-step into the world of BDSM. Each night, as she learns the role of the submissive, she performs the most intimate acts, describing them in detail for her cyber lover. She can almost feel his hands, his fingers and tongue stimulating her body. She spends each day aroused, wet and throbbing, anticipating each “meeting.” Now he wants to meet her in person, on a treasure hunt that he promises will end with the most erotic, sexually fulfilling night she could imagine. Should she dare take the challenge?

Reader Advisory: Story includes a sizzling M/F/M ménage scene.

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Shannon barely made it through the next day at work. Her mind was constantly dwelling on the websites she’d seen the night before. She was so distracted the receptionist had to remind her three times she was late for a meeting. Finally she was out of the building and racing home to her computer.

She took time for a brief shower, sprayed herself with the scent she favored and wrapped a bath towel around herself. Tonight she wouldn’t have any clothes to remove because she wouldn‘t be wearing any. Opening a new bottle of wine, she carried it along with a glass to her computer desk, logged into her special IM box…and there he was!

Cock Robin: Hi, Misty. Been waiting for you.

She poured the wine into the glass and took a healthy swallow before typing back.

Misty: I’m here.

Cock Robin: Are you naked?

For a moment she was tempted to lie but she knew, even across cyberspace, he’d catch her out.

Misty: I showered. I’m wearing a towel.

Cock Robin: If I were there with you, I would have bathed you with my own hands, washed every inch of your body. Inside and out.

A shiver raced along Shannon’s spine and her skin tingled as the image of masculine hands on her body played out in her mind.

Misty: Promises, promises, she teased, startled at her growing audacity.

Cock Robin: I want to know you’re naked, he reminded her.

She untucked the towel from under her arm and tossed it aside. The cool air on her nipples drew them into hard points and cream flooded her pussy. She squeezed her thighs together as the walls of her vagina fluttered in hungry need.

Misty: I’m naked now.

Cock Robin: Good. Did you get yourself off last night?

Misty: Yes.

Cock Robin: Before or after you looked at the websites?

She hesitated briefly.

Misty: After.

Cock Robin: Good girl.

His praise was like a balm to her. It occurred to her with a start that she would have done anything for this unseen, unknown man just to earn those words.

Cock Robin: Misty?

Misty: Yes?

Cock Robin: What did you think of the sites? Did you enjoy looking at them?

What did I think? Well, Cock Robin, to either my shame of credit, I got so hot I went off within seconds.

Misty: Yes. She was afraid to say anything else. Let him do the leading.

Long pause.

Cock Robin: Would you like to try some of those things?

Longer pause from her.

Misty: Yes.

Cock Robin: Not too talkative tonight. Did the sites make you nervous?

Misty: A little.

Cock Robin: BDSM is as safe as two people make it. It’s a way of expressing how they feel about each other. And it requires absolute trust from both people.

Trust. Could she ever give it to someone else? Especially someone she didn’t even really know?