Desiree Holt | USA Today & Award-Winning Author

Summer Spice

How to spice up a hot summer day.

Both Avery Summers and Dylan Black have secretly wished to spice up their long-standing relationship with a little extra spice. The sex is terrific but they think they can make it even better.

When they confess their hidden desires to each other on a hot summer day, it takes only the arrival of their friend, Tony, to make their wishes reality. In minutes, the sun isn’t the only thing that’s hot and scorching.

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“Fuck. I swear it gets hotter by the minute.”

Avery Summers picked up the magazine on the little table next to her and fanned herself with it. The early afternoon sun hung like a blistering ball of fire in the sky straight overhead, broiling everything beneath its scorching rays. The magazine barely stirred the air.

They’d fallen in love with this cottage by the Gulf of Mexico, thinking the cool salt water air would help diffuse the heat of summer. Today, it just sat there like a big bath tub, mocking them. The waves rubbed against the shore with a lazy, almost indolent movement. A light summer breeze no more than a hint of moving air whispered over Avery’s smooth, tanned skin and stirred a few tendrils of her thick, raven-black hair, but it did little to cool her body.

“Summer’s supposed to be hot, luv.” Dylan Black sat up on the chaise next to hers, picked up his drink and dribbled it onto her naked, oiled flesh. “See if this cools you off.”

“Hey!” Avery jack-knifed to a sitting position and swatted at Dylan with the magazine. “That’s cold!”

He laughed, a deep, rumbling sound that always made her body clench. As long as they’d been together, the level of excitement had never dropped. Looking at him now, with the sun reflecting off his golden-streaked light brown hair, mischief dancing in his whiskey-coloured eyes and humour softening the rugged planes of his face, she felt her nipples beading and moisture gathering in her cunt. If she wasn’t careful, she’d leave a little puddle on the canvas of the chaise.

“Make up your mind here.”

“At least give a girl a little warning,” she protested, brushing at the drops with her fingertips.

“Why not take a dip in the water? We’re the only ones here. Nobody to bother us. Come on.” He reached for her hand. “Let’s go play.”

Their cottage, as Dylan called his “let’s get away for a few days and fuck” hideaway, was on a private beach sheltered by huge rock jetties on both sides. There was only one other cottage about five hundred yards away, also owned by Dylan, and the weekend tenant had not yet arrived.

Avery took his hand and rose to her feet, glancing over at the other cottage. “What if Tony shows up? He’s renting for the whole weekend, isn’t he?”

They were both completely nude, their favourite way to sunbathe.

“Let him drool over what a luscious piece I’ve captured. He does anyway.” He tugged at her hand. “Come on. That sand’s hot.”

Indeed it was. Pure white and soft as talc, but so hot it nearly burned the soles of their feet. Avery raced behind Dylan until they reached the water’s edge. Although the sun had raised the temperature of the bay to lukewarm, it was still initially cool against their skin. Avery dove into it head first and swam out to catch Dylan, who was a bit ahead of her. One thing she liked about this place was the water was shallow for a long way out. When they stood up, it was in water that barely reached their waistlines.

“Can’t do this in the winter,” he reminded her. “Be grateful for the heat.”

“Only in degrees.” She smoothed her long wet hair away from her face. “This is really lovely out here, Dylan. I always like coming here.” “I’ll bet you do.” He grinned. She blushed, realising what she’d just said. “Come here.” He put his hands on her waist and guided her towards him. “Let’s see just how much you do enjoy it.”