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The Hunt

Heroes Rising, Book 4

LR Cafe's Best of 2021He needs to find his place in society again…

When Finn “Shark” Jackson and is SEAL Team’s dog are both medically discharged after a mission gone wrong, he’s not quite sure what they’ll do with themselves. Checking out an offer from former SEAL Sheriff Alex Rossi might provide some answers. The last thing he expects to find in Montana’s Crazy Mountains is a crashed Jeep with a woman inside bleeding from a gunshot wound.

She’s desperate…

Lacey Cooper, a wildlife photographer, is desperate to find her sister, camping in the Crazies with her fiancé. She’s been out of touch for a week and n o one seems unduly disturbed. “It happens in the Crazies all the time, people keep telling her. Finn sees a chance to help, along with Sheriff Rossi, who learns in the past ten years more than a dozen campers have been reported missing. But they could be anywhere. The Crazies stretch more than six hundred miles.

What they find is worse than they expected…

When Rossi puts together a search in earnest, the first thing they discover is the fiance’s body, apparently killed by wolves. Now the hunt is on for Lacey’s sister, but n one of them are prepared for what they find.

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Twisted Page Press, LLC
June 15, 2021


Twisted Page Press, LLC
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